Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Paolo Costagli

Born and educated in Florence, Paolo Costagli was fortunate enough to grow up and develop his tastes amongst the treasures of a country known for its beauty. With the memories of his childhood home always in his mind, he continues to design jewelry reminiscent of the Tuscan countryside. His beautiful colored gems and wearable designs are just two of the qualities that have set him apart from other jewelers. 

Paolo’s skills and personal style are a unique blend of his years of studying abroad. His work has taken him across the globe from Italy to South America to Los Angeles and finally New York City. A graduated gemologist, Paolo has spent the past 17 years growing and developing his unique collections.

This distinction is the result of Paolo’s unwavering strategy of dealing exclusively with the best quality gemstones and artisans. Paolo insists on following strict aesthetic guidelines based on his accumulated knowledge and experience. Each jewel is screened with an observant and masterful eye, such an overriding criteria that will no doubt make each jewel as desirable fifty years from now as it is today.

His collection can be found at Bergdorf Goodman, Betteridge Jewelers, Neiman Marcus stores and Neiman Marcus Direct or through his by-appointment only salon located on Fifth Avenue near 56th Street.

Below are pictures of some of the fabulous bracelets designed by Paolo Costagli!  

Check out for more pictures and information! 


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  1. This is the coolest jewelry designer I have seen!!! Obsessed with the top one.


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