Saturday, November 12, 2011

11/11/11- A day I will always remember...

My fiance proposed by handing me a wrapped painting that was a drawing of photos of us from our first date, past trips, and included him down on one knee.  When I turned around after opening it I found him down on one knee right behind me.  The painting was made by my mom, who is very artistic and has been a watercolor, pastel, and oil painter since I was very young.  The painting was a complete surprise, but is something I will cherish forever!  The three pictures below are the ones that were depicted in the painting above!
John and I in Florida out to dinner with my Grandparents
John and I before leaving for a Bar Association Gala
John and I in Florida sitting on the beach, enjoying the sunset
On Saturday night before going out to dinner to celebrate our engagement.  

Thank you to my fiance for the most amazing weekend and making me the happiest girl in the world!  The proposal was so incredible and I will remember that day forever.  The painting will be something we will have forever and I can hardly wait for when I get to call you my husband!

My ring!  Emerald cuts have always been my favorite and I love the simplicity of this setting style.  This ring is the most incredible piece of jewelry I have ever been given and puts the biggest smile on my face whenever I look down at my hand!


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