Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Black and white...

Jacket: Zara,     Skirt: Forever 21,     Shoes: Boutique 9,     Earrings: Vintage,    Necklace: Forever 21,    Sunglasses: Prada


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Samantha Louise Jewelry

Samantha Louise Jewelry was founded in 2007.  It grew out of a life long passion for art, design, and  jewelry. Samantha believes that jewelry can reveal intimate secrets about the most import moments of our lives. Everyday, we wake up and choose to arm ourselves with the strand of pearls passed down from our grandmother, the wedding band from our husband or wife, or the earrings given to us when we graduated from college. Those pieces serve as a constant reminder of who we are, where we came from, and where we are going. At Samantha Louise Jewelry, we  have been blessed with the opportunity to be a part of the happiest and most memorable moments of people's lives. 

Samantha Louise Jewelry is sold at G. Thrapp Jewelers at 56th and Illinois in Indianapolis, IN


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lauren K Jewelry

To say that Lauren inherited the family jewels is an understatement. She is the fourth generation to run the prestigious N. Zaidens Co., a leader in the fine jewelry arena for over 90 years. During her college years Lauren began working alongside her grandfather learning not only the mechanics, but also the artistry of fine jewelry. She continued her interest in the company during law school and soon after graduation realized that the family business was not only in her blood, but also in her heart.

Lauren began working under her grandfather full time, and after his retirement, took over as President. After only two short years, she indelibly carved her niche in the family tree by launching the Lauren K collection. Her inspiration for the line was not from a particular stone or setting, but instead, the women she wanted to reach with her designs – women who want feminine, beautiful jewelry that they can buy for themselves and wear everyday like their favorite perfume. Unlike other lines, the Lauren K collection is not made for a jewelry box; it is designed to complement a woman’s lifestyle. The collection premiered in 1997 and was immediately well received. Lauren is committed to evolving the line while keeping in mind the ever-changing lives of the women who bring her designs to life. 

Lauren K Jewelry is sold at G. Thrapp Jewelers at 56th and Illinois in Indianapolis, IN


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cynthia Ann Jewelry

Cynthia Ann Stewart is a Houston based designer with over 25 years experience within the retail and design industry. With a passion for design Cynthia developed a line of fine jewelry that would easily fit within her casual lifestyle and love of luxurious fabrics and materials. Cynthia mixes precious metals and semi-precious stones to create a collection of jewelry that is modern, accessible, unique and wearable. With a strong attention to detail each piece is crafted to the highest quality. Cynthia’s designs look wonderful layered together and allow the client to have the power to mix and match each piece to their personal preference.

G. Thrapp Jewelers in Indianapolis, IN exclusively carries Cynthia Ann Jewelry in the state of Indiana. 
G. Thrapp Jewelers
5609 North Illinois Street  
Indianapolis, IN 46208


Friday, February 10, 2012

Along the canal...

Shirt: Missoni,    Pants: Paper Boy,      Jacket: Eliza J,     Purse: Gap,      Shoes: Stuart Weitzman,     Sunglasses: Tom Ford,    Earrings: by Me,    Watch: Michele,     Ring: Forever 21,     Spike Bracelet: Eddie Borgo,     Crystal Bracelet: J. Crew


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Manya and Roumen

Manya Tessler and Roumen Vragov created their precious jewelry collection as a labor of love—literally. When Manya, an artist/illustrator, and Roumen, a Bulgarian expatriate and infoeconomics professor, married in 2006, they wanted wedding rings that reflected their passion for art and nature.

What better way to pay tribute to their relationship than if Manya designed their wedding rings. After studying wax carving with Alan Brodsky, a leading jewelry instructor in New York City, Manya carved Roumen’s wedding ring, depicting two intertwined buffalos. Roumen contributed the buffalo concept based upon one of the most popular videos on YouTube.com.

“The video showed a baby buffalo rescued from the jaws of both a lion and a crocodile by its herd. It’s an inspirational story, one that symbolizes love, loyalty and devotion to family,” says Roumen. The successful completion of the wedding band propelled the newly weds into their jewelry making journey. Manya seized upon her talents as a sculptural illustrator and fine artist to transform her nature-inspired illustrations into intricately carved wax models. After casting them in either 18k gold or sterling silver, the wearable sculptures have diamonds and gemstones added. Each piece is then hand polished and given a subtle textured finish.

Their designs capture not just the movement, details and traits of a bird, fish or lion, but a personality, too. Although some of their animal and plant subjects are familiar from fables and fairy tales, or even astrological characters, they are open to interpretation and meaning. “Each piece tells a story, but each wearer interprets the story differently,” says Manya.

Manya, a native of Philadelphia, studied fine art with an emphasis on printmaking and illustration. She earned her MFA in illustration at School of Visual Arts, New York City. Her interest in studying and researching a wide range of fine art, such as Bernini’s baroque sculptures and traditional Japanese arts, serves as a source for her inspiration. Her artistic studies have lead Manya to visit Japan, Mexico, Rome and Montreal. Manya’s illustrations can be seen in her first children’s book, “Yuki’s Ride Home” (Bloomsbury: 2008).

Roumen, who was born in Bulgaria, studied economics and information systems and earned a PhD in economics from the University of Arizona. In addition to his day-to-day duties running the business side of Manya & Roumen, Roumen contributes ideas and concepts to the pair’s nature-inspired collaborations. 

Manya and Roumen Chameleon Ring featured on Juler's Row

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