Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Shay Lahover Jewelry

Jewelry designer Shay Lahover graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem in the field of jewelry, in 1985.

Upon completing his studies, he taught art and jewelry design while establishing an independent studio in Tel Aviv for designing, creating and selling his hand-made jewelry.

He has displayed his work at individual and group exhibitions for art and design and in galleries and museums throughout Israel including the Ami Steinitz Gallery and the Periscope Gallery in Tel Aviv, and the Tower of David and the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, as well as the Ein Hod Museum and more.

Shay Lahover has remained loyal to the tradition of ancient and original jewelry throughout his years as a jewelry designer. He begins each creation with the initial processing of the pure gold and works meticulously until the jewelry item is complete. He molds, mixes, flattens, solders, stretches, interweaves and beats the raw materials by hand until he achieves a richly detailed, textured and colored jewelry item. Lahover's creations, have an abundance of charm, character and sentiment.

In 1994, his partner Adi joined him and they have been working together since then, designing item after item, piece after piece, each immersed with ideas and associations drawn from the surroundings, nature, artistic genres, architecture and archeology while elaborate stories, legends, flavors and emotions are interwoven among them.


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