Thursday, April 25, 2013

Engagement Ring Styles- Rosecut Diamonds

A rosecut diamond is a type of cut in which the bottom of the stone is flat, with the crown of the stone being made of triangular facets that come to a point at the top of the stone.  Rose cut diamonds resemble their namesake, with a unique type of brilliance that can typically cause the stone to look bigger. 

*Take note that with a rose cut diamond you may find yourself wanting to clean your ring more often!

18K yellow gold and silver hand crafted "Single Stone" setting
Cushion Shape Rose Cut Ring by Martin Katz

Irene Neuwirth Multicolor Gold & Diamond Ring

Also available through G. Thrapp Jewelers.

Megan Thorne Scalloped Bezel Ring
Also available through G. Thrapp Jewelers.


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