Monday, May 26, 2014

Anthony Lent & Kickstarter

I wanted to do a post about Anthony Lent, an exceptionally talented goldsmith that currently has a project on Kickstarter.  Knowing the work of this amazing jeweler; I wanted to spread the word about their campaign and help them reach their goals.  

They are looking to raise $50,000, here are a couple of the things they plan to do with the money:

$10,000 for designing, tooling, and prototyping for the new sterling silver collection.
$25,000 – $30,000 to purchase a laser welder, an essential piece of equipment that we do not currently possess. It would reduce our costs significantly by allowing us to prototype more rapidly and produce more work in-house.
$5,000 to develop a beautiful new website to showcase our brand, our art, and our jewelry. Our website needs an update, and we'd like to make it the best and most attractive jewelry site on the Internet. Most jewelry companies have not really embraced the latest in web technologies, so we'd really like to do something cutting-edge in this space. 
$5,000 to shoot a short documentary that tells the Anthony Lent story. We feel that we have a compelling story to tell about our company, a real family story that people can relate to. We have friends in the film industry who are willing to produce a video for us at cost, but the cost is still far from nothing. This video will be a professional presentation of our brand that we'll post online for all to see. 
$3,000 to order new promotional materials, such as brochures, custom packaging, and company stationary—possibly more chocolate, too!

If you decide to pledge/ back this program there are great opportunities to get amazing pieces from Anthony Lent Jewelry.


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