Saturday, December 26, 2015

House Account + Juler's Row: NYE Jewelry

I can't believe that 2015 is quickly coming to a close.  There have been some amazing moments in 2015 and I look forward to what 2016 has in store.  New Year's Eve has always been a favorite holiday of mine, whether it entails a night out on the town or a small get together with family and friends.  As a jewelry blogger you can imagine the most important part of my New Year's Eve look is my jewelry.  I love the idea of making a statement with a bold piece or featuring a piece from the past as you look towards the future. NYE is the perfect time to try something new or step out of your box and layer on a couple more pieces of your favorite jewels.  

Last year around this time I was introduced to House Account, an app that connects you with the most amazing boutiques and designers worldwide.  House Account is the largest independent boutique network that brings all of your favorite shops and designers into one place.  Below are some of my top New Year's Eve jewelry picks; see where you can find these amazing pieces and connect with the boutiques that sell them on House Account.  

Dagger Studs by SG Fine from Stephanie Gottlieb Fine Jewelry:
In love with these Dagger Studs by SG Fine, they will give your NYE look the sparkle and edge it needs.
Moritz Glik Shaker Ring from Ylang23:
Nothing says New Year's Eve like this cocktail ring by Moritz Glik. The sparkle and movement of the diamonds will easily dress up any outfit!
Victorian Gold Filled Bangles from House of Lavande:
This stack of Victorian bangles would be perfect for NYE, giving an ode to the past. The hand engraving is absolutely beautiful and will add visual interest to any outfit.
One-of-a-Kind Rings from Cynthia Ann Jewels:
These rings are absolutely stunning and I love the fact they use antique elements within the designs. New Year's Eve is the time when you remember the fabulous memories of the past while looking forward to the future. That is exactly what Cynthia Ann does with her designs, mixing elements of the past and future.
Vintage Trifari Necklace from House of Lavande:
This Vintage Trifari necklace is screaming to be worn to a festive party. It will add just the right amount of pop for a night out on New Year's Eve.
Bondage ring by Halleh:
This bondage ring is fabulous, I love the integration of rose and yellow gold. It easily allows you to pair with a ton of other options, plus with over .50ct of diamonds it will add just the right amount of sparkle for NYE!
Evil Eye Bracelet by Liza Schwartz from Venom:
With the start of a new year it is always nice to have a little extra protection from evil. I love this bracelet; it is a great layering piece or can easily stand alone as a simple, delicate jewel.
Irene Neuwirth Hoops from Ylang23:
These hoops are prefect for a casual look with jeans or cocktail dress. I love the matte finish of the gold and pearls. Great twist on a classic pair of hoops, they will be a hit on NYE and everyday after that.
1950s Rhinestone Necklace from House of Lavande:
This necklace will shine as bright as the NYC Crystal Ball on NYE.  New Year's Eve is the perfect time to wear a statement piece like this as you get ready for 2016!
Statement Bracelet by Amanda Thompson from Meredith A. Jackson:
I love the combination of colors in this bracelet, the green and soft blue are gorgeous together. This bracelet can easily stand alone and dress up a simple black sheath.
Black Elephant from Brass Thread by Lilah Gabriel:
If there is a time for your jewels to wear jewels it has to be New Year's Eve. I love this elephant necklace and the fact that it represents strength, honor and patience. Those are important qualities for everyone as we enter the New Year.


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Garland Row

Garland Row is an independent jewellery label with a luxurious little boutique in Sydney's, Paddington. Each jewel is made by hand from the open workshop on site.  Sarah Gardner is the designer and principle jeweller at Garland Row, she was traditionally trained by two master jeweller's and has been making bespoke jewels for 20 years. 

What inspired you to pursue jewelry? 
Since I was a little girl I have had a fascination with jewellery and adornment. I'm really sentimental and have always loved that jewellery expresses and symbolises significant moments in our lives. I was always making things and started experimenting with jewellery when I was 10 and it progressed from there.

What do you enjoy most about working at the bench and designing jewelry? 
I love every aspect apart from polishing!! I'm really grateful that I get to make things all day, it really doesn't feel like working!

Where do you find inspiration? 
Everywhere! I am hugely inspired by the natural beauty of gemstones. I also love looking through antique jewellery catalogues and have always referenced motifs from various periods of architecture. Travelling is the best form of inspiration hands down and I am constantly referring to photos from past travels. My medieval cross earrings were inspired by a window in a church in Paris!

Describe your design process.  
It usually starts around a particular gem. If i'm designing a collection, compared to a one off piece, I will have some colour variations of gems and play around with them until I've got lots of ideas flowing. I'll then sketch some designs and usually start making a few mock up trial versions in silver first. There's always a few alterations along the way!

What is next for Garland Row? 
The beauty of a creative business is there is always movement, change and growth. I'm really excited to be growing the wholesale side of the business. So 2016 will be about making some connections with retailers that Garland Row might be a good fit with. We're also looking forward to launching our children and baby range in the New Year.

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Here is a small glimpse at what Garland Row has to offer, visit their website to see all of their fantastic designs and learn about their bespoke and repair services.


Monday, December 21, 2015

Gaby™ Collection by Gabriel & Co.

First and foremost I want to congratulate Gabriel & Co. on their 25th anniversary in the jewelry industry.  As we near Christmas, I knew I had to share the Gaby™ Collection, as it has some amazing pieces that are sure to delight.  I am in love with this collection; it offers so many great jewelry staples that can easily transition from day to night.  The pieces are delicate and chic; made in 14 karat gold with diamonds and sapphires.  With the majority of the pieces offered in the three to five hundred dollar range, there are some great fine jewelry options that won't break the bank.  

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