Monday, January 19, 2015

Jade Trau- Designer Spotlight

What is your favorite piece of jewelry from your current collection? Why?

I’ll give you my top two and not in any particular order… I love the fob necklace/ convertible bracelet.  It’s such a delicious chunky gold chain that makes me feel great when I wear it and yet is totally understated and subtle.  The other would have to be the luna ear cuff.  It’s a great conversation starter and wearing that many diamonds around your face really does brighten it up.

What is your favorite period of jewelry?

Georgian… hands down.

Where do you find inspiration?

I would say antique/vintage jewelry and contemporary art would be the top two.  I know that sounds a bit dichotomous but I take a lot inspiration from the silhouettes and expert craftsmanship that even costume jewelry was made in the georgeian/Victorian era and yet I infuse my contemporary twist on it.  Im equally inspired by the constant evolution of contemporary art.  It helps me to see things from different perspectives.

Describe your design process.

I try to give myself as much creative freedom as I need, but I am always thinking about the practicality of each piece since I want my jewelry to be worn and loved… until it starts to feel like a part of you.  I guess if I have to break it down, it’s research-plan-execute; all and none of which can be fun, creative, exhausting and at times frustrating.

What in your jewelry wardrobe do you never leave home without?

My antique rose cut diamond set in a custom yellow gold engagement ring that my husband gave me 10 years ago.  It’s the perfect marriage of the old and the new, it’s incredibly comfortable and special to me and yet completely understated.

Describe the Jade Trau woman.

First and foremost, a lover of jewelry but in terms of personal style, she is an individual that embodies effortless luxury.   She mixes her real pieces with her favorite beads and stacks the old with the new.

What cut of diamond is your favorite and why?

Impossible to answer that question…I love them all.

Describe what it was like growing up in the jewelry industry.

Not particularly glamorous except that I did get to go home with a little diamond every time I visited my grandfather in the office as a child.  I think how it affected my aesthetic perspective growing up was that I always had a keen attention to detail and noticed the minutiae.  It’s also an industry largely made of up family run businesses with strong entrepreneurs at the helm so the exposure to that as a young adult was a great motivator. 


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