Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wrist Wednesday- Ugo Calà

From the very beginning – his arrival in Florence with his family in the 1960s – Ugo Calà's rise in the jewellery world has been a fascinating original story. His encounter with gold was pure chance. Ugo Calà was a shop boy at his father 's barber's establishment near the Ponte Vecchio Bridge, the world-famous home of the city's most prestigious jewellers. In an intimate atmosphere, characteristically scented by lotions, after-shave creams, and pomades, Ugo Calà rubbed shoulders with the greatest master craftsmen of the time, as the goldsmiths who created jewels for the Florentine aristocracy and the world's top brands, occupied his father's barbers-chair, one after the other. And meeting one of these famous jewellers, to whom he was apprenticed at just 14 years old, was the turning point for his future.

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