Friday, May 1, 2015

Annie Fensterstock

Where do you find inspiration?
I'm continuously inspired by my children, my family, all things that surround me.  Art, music, nature- I soak it all in. 

Describe your design process.
I'm never without a pen and a sketchbook.  I'm constantly drawing shapes and designs.  Ideas come to me at all hours and I jot them down.   When a design feels right, I refine it until it's ready to become jewelry and then I'll transfer the drawing onto graph paper.  In the final stages I'll add in the technical details until it can be transitioned into jewelry.

What in your jewelry wardrobe do you never leave home without?
I wear a gold bangle every day with my kids birthdays engraved on the outside.  I'm not attached to anything else.  I love layering necklaces of different lengths, usually with a locket, and I wear whatever rings are accessible since I make all of my samples in my size! 

Describe the Annie Fensterstock woman.
She is confident and has her own unique sense of style.  She doesn't believe in following rules when it comes to fashion and she loves chocolate and karaoke.

What cut of diamond is your favorite and why?
I love rose cut diamonds in unusual shapes and colors.  I love the natural, less machined look of the rose cut and the antique feel that goes along with it's simplicity.

What is your favorite period of jewelry?
I'm a jewelry geek- i love it all!  I've always been drawn to the old techniques of  granulation, niello and repousse from the Byzantine period, but I'm equally drawn to the opulence of the Renaissance and later periods.  I'm so intrigued by how jewelry from each era reflects the art and culture of that time.

Of the current trends in jewelry, do you have a favorite?
I try not to get too caught up in trends.  I really just make what I want to make and hope that it's well received.

I am delighted to post about the incredibly talented Annie Fensterstock; her pieces have always intrigued and excited me.  Annie uses 18 karat and 22 karat gold as well as platinum in her hand fabricated pieces that are made in her NYC studio.  She mixes centuries old metalsmithing techniques with innovative designs giving her pieces a modern and wearable feel.  Her collection includes show stopping necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings as well as unique bridal.

Photo from Instagram by @womensjewelryassociation

Photo from Instagram by @jewellery_mag

Photo from Instagram by @fragmentsjewel


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