Friday, June 26, 2015

Nada G Fine Jewelry

Nada G Jewelry is made with 18 karat gold, precious and semi-precious stones
Nada Ghazal
Designer, Founder and Managing Partner of Nada G
Where do you find inspiration?
My designs are a true reflection of my emotional sense, of my immediate surroundings and what invariably moves me. I am touched by everything I see and everyone I meet. It could be as simple as the icicles that were hanging down from the window of my parent’s house in the mountains to a sparkle in a child’s eye, so talking to myself, and digging deep into my soul is what kick-starts my ideas. I suppose that’s where my hard disc is.

Describe the Nada G woman.
When I work, I think of the powerful global woman who is grounded, independent and self-confident.  Having said that, I would rather not select the women, 
but let them select Nada G.  

What is the best part of being a jewelry designer?
The best part of being a jeweler, is translating my emotions into timeless jewelry pieces that awaken emotions in others.

How has your past advertising experience helped to shape Nada G?
One of the most important skills one needs to have in the jewelry business is creativity. Working in a creative agency harnessed and developed my creative abilities. The agency didn’t only do just that, it also helped me understand branding, brand equity and brand and market strategies in addition to disciplines, processes and procedures that help shape and develop brand growth and loyalty. 

How would you describe the overall style of your collection? 
Nada G aspires to emotionally connect with women. Nada G jewelry captures my world of experiences, showcasing intricately designed masterpieces that exhibit pure order and overt perfection. They highlight fragility in their raw roughness and are timeless pieces that celebrate the individual by connecting emotionally with them.
Going against established norms, the pieces exhibit fragility in their coarseness, docility in their textures, and vibrancy in their candid statements. Each piece of jewelry echoes a different sense of emotion, mirroring not only an adornment of the senses, but more so celebrating what they evoke to be a woman.  Having said that, I believe every piece we create has a soul.

What is next for Nada G?
I aspire for Nada G to become one of the leading brands in the jewelry industry one day, so growth is on the menu.


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