Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wrist Wednesday-Anita Gronstedt

Making Lapland Bracelets brings Anita Gronstedt back to her roots; she was born and raised in northern Sweden, about an hour from the Arctic Circle. The Sami people known, as Laplanders are natives of the Nordic countries.  For several centuries the Sami people have made jewelry using reindeer leather, pewter and antler. Anita bases her Lapland bracelets on their traditions, but uses new techniques, new designs and new colors.  She makes her Lapland bracelets by hand using high quality vegetable tanned reindeer leather, hand twined pewter thread (nickel free) with 4% silver added to it, and reindeer antler buttons.  Some models have 14K gold plated beads, sterling silver beads or threads of copper, with each bracelet taking about 3-10 hours to make.

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