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Q&A with Designer and President of Goshwara, Sweta Jain

Describe the Goshwara woman.
The fun loving, free-spirited woman!

Where do you find inspiration? Describe your design process.
The inspiration comes from the stones themselves.  With my collections it’s a theme or style that flows throughout.  Most of my pieces are designed with the purpose of enhancing the identity & uniqueness of each stone.  I love to showcase color and I create each piece to highlight individuality.

What was the inspiration for the elephant in your logo?
I consider my jewelry very luxurious and elegant and I think the elephant with the crown sums it perfectly.  The elephant & the crown were a symbol of royalty in India and an elephant with a trunk up is considered auspicious in general.

 What is your favorite gemstone?
Opals & emeralds are my favorite gemstones.

What period of jewelry inspires you the most?
A lot of my pieces tend to have geometrical patterns…and a deco feel in general.  I feel I am most influenced by Art Deco.  It seems to influence me even when I am not necessarily drawing inspiration from it.

Describe what it was like growing up in the jewelry industry.
I always wanted to be one of the boys and so I typically followed my dad everywhere I could including his cutting factories, offices & even the mines when given a chance.  I loved what he did & always had fun being around his work.  Hence I decided to continue my education with gemstones & eventually started designing & manufacturing jewelry because I wanted to further explore the creative aspect of this trade.

 What is next for Goshwara?
Goshwara has a long way to go.  It is still a young company.  I want to see my jewellery become a collector’s item.  In the recent past I have been focusing more on one-of-a-kind pieces which are still elegant, simple and yet truly unique.  I want the brand to be easily available in the rest of the world and I want to start with a strong focus on Canada & Europe.

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Goshwara Jewelry features 18K Gold, Precious and Semi-Precious Stones

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