Friday, July 17, 2015

Sofia Kaman Fine Jewels

Q&A with designer, Sofia Kaman
   Where do you find inspiration? Describe your design process.

My work is inspired by the magic and mystery of nature, its forms, textures, details, motifs, as well as a desire to blend the beauty of vintage style with a modern sensibility. I’ve always had an appreciation for anything antique, from jewelry to textiles to furniture. I especially love the connection to something treasured and beloved. I love the notion that one’s wedding ring or pair of fine earrings might become a family heirloom some day.

First and foremost, my jewelry is meant to be a reflection of a woman’s personal style. My pieces are designed to be worn stacked and layered with a sense of effortless chic, bohemian elegance, and understated luxury.

I get ideas for new collections from the world around me. Sometimes it’s a trip to a new place, a change of scenery. I like to take a motif that I’m drawn to, perhaps some design on an ancient coin, the texture of a feather, or a beautiful piece of antique lace, and break it down to basic shapes and patterns. I like to think about the many ways to adapt a design so that it is versatile, moves gracefully and is comfortable to wear.

Walk us through the process of designing a bespoke piece of jewelry with a client?

The process can be different with every client. Sometimes they want to be surprised and sometimes they want to be a more involved part of the design process. I am happy either way! I like to I start off helping the client describe his or hers personal style. We then encourage them to try on as much jewelry as they can stand.  Jewelry is like any other article of clothing- different styles have different fits on different people.  Sometimes the idea one has in mind can be totally reversed when they see that shape on themselves.  When we start to find a common ground, I usually sketch out a rough plan of what the design will entail.  I then carve the piece in wax, which is cast, and then set and finished by my wonderful team of artisans.

   While searching for pieces for the Curated Vintage collection what do you look for?

This is easy! When searching for pieces for the Curated Vintage collection I pretend I’m shopping for myself! I never purchase anything that I don’t personally love or can see myself wearing. I look for pieces that have a slight quirkiness and charm, an extra special detail or an outstanding design. I love to find pieces that show connection and common traits to the era in which they were created, but then have a unique character and show the creativity of the artist who created it.

   What is your favorite cut of diamond?

Old mine cut- I love the mixture of asymmetry with amazing brilliance!

   What is next for Sofia Kaman?

With a successful re-branding under our belt this last year, it has been a natural evolution for us to branch out into the bridal world.  Helping people discover their wedding style is what we love to do!   We find that most couples who come to us are looking for an alternative style to a cookie cutter engagement ring.  We are really excited about growing our Engagement/Wedding Collection, and have some exciting collaborations in the works that we hope to share with you in a future post.  

During my trip to California I had the opportunity to visit Sofia Kaman Fine Jewels in Venice on Abbot Kinney. The experience was absolutely amazing and I hope this post inspires you to visit. Sofia designs Wedding and Engagement Rings, a Signature Collection of fashion jewelry and offers a selection of Curated Vintage pieces. 

Sofia's jewelry feels incredibly special, with such care and consideration taken in the design. While looking at her jewelry you know it is something that you will cherish forever and pass down in your family. A couple of my favorite pieces were the Cracked Bands with torn paper edges (1st photo), Three Finger Scroll Ring (pictured below) and 4.04 carat vintage Asscher cut in it's original mounting with French cut diamonds on the side (part of the Curated Vintage Collection, pictured below).

Sofia Kaman Fine Jewels
1350 Abbot Kinney Suite 102
Venice, CA 90291


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