Thursday, August 6, 2015

Doryn Wallach Jewelry

Doryn Wallach's debut collection features 18 karat gold with a satin finish, turquoise, black onyx, white diamonds and black diamonds.  The collection showcases Doryn's love for Art Deco and Hollywood Regency design.  

Q&A with Doryn Wallach

Explain the transition from Interior Designer to Jewelry Designer. 

The damage to our home from Hurricane Sandy brought a lot of perspective to my life and made me think about what really makes me happy. Interior design was all I had known since I graduated college, but I felt there was another art form out there that I would enjoy more. After I finished the redesign of our home, I decided to follow my true passion. Designing comes natural to me and designing jewelry is something I have always done personally, so the transition seemed natural. I am so happy and passionate about what I am doing now, and I really do love every second of it.  

Where do you find inspiration?

My inspiration stems in general from my background in interior design. The source of my inspiration for individual pieces tends to be specific design elements or details. In the past, I have been inspired by a light fixture, a wallpaper pattern, an antique box, the architectural style of a building and many others. I also look at a ton of antique jewelry and try to find ways to reinvent the pieces with a more modern flair. 

Describe your design process.

I draw constantly and keep a sketchbook with me at all times. I live in New York City so I am always wandering through antique stores, luxury hotels, restaurants and, of course, all the beautiful old buildings with ornate lobbies that call the City home. I let the inspiration marinate and then I draw and draw. Then we take those drawings, perfect them in the studio and – voila! – beautiful jewelry.

What similarities are there between Interior Design and Jewelry Design?

I love exploring the bridge from interiors to jewelry because design can translate to every medium. The similarities are within the way an elegant design can balance symmetry, color, texture, scale and lines. In both areas, my goal has always been to create something practical and functional while still having a unique and beautiful design.  I believe these are the designs that can make a statement without being too trendy and hopefully last a long time. 

What is next for Doryn Wallach?

I am always learning and evolving, and I hope to continue creating interesting pieces based on original ideas and to build my business further. I would also love the opportunity to work with more precious stones. I have some amazing ideas which would incorporate more color, larger cuff bracelets and a really special piece I am hoping to launch this Fall. In the longer term, I would love to build a jewelry empire, but I understand that takes years of hard work and I am ready to do that!


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