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Francesca Grima

Photo GEMOLOGUE, Copyright Gem Kreatives, Photographer Julia Flit
Q&A with Francesca Grima

Describe what it was like growing up in the jewelry industry.
Growing up with two parents in the jewellery industry is the only life I have known.  Both my late father and mother worked in the same business, as did I from the age of 18 onwards. My father, who was 59 when I was born, was not inclined to alter his lifestyle for a child which meant that I was involved in a lot of grown up situations, for example, dinners with customers in swanky restaurants and travelling all around the world at age 9 visiting customers and attending exhibitions.  Home life in Gstaad was also very centered around jewellery, with us living above the shop and even before leaving school, I would work with my parents during the summer holidays.

Describe your design process.
My design process varies according to whether I am working on a Grima design or a Francesca Grima design. For Grima, I am usually inspired by a large stone which would be the starting point for the piece, which is usually a one-off design and not part of a themed collection.  Whereas, with Francesca Grima, I work mainly with precious metal thinking of an idea from which a collection or theme will evolve into many pieces.

How would you describe the Francesca Grima woman?
The Francesca Grima woman has attitude and edge. She is not satisfied with mainstream trends in jewellery.  I design jewellery to please myself rather than trying to second-guess what other people want so I suppose she would have to have the same taste as me! This may sound egocentric but I find that the only way to design is to pay little attention to what others are doing otherwise prevailing trends may creep in subconsciously.

What changes have you seen in the jewelry industry over the years?
We live in an age of austerity and,  in the absence of a strong counterculture (eg. punk in the 1970s),  the jewellery trade and perhaps also consumers seem to be rather conservative and risk averse when it comes to buying into new ideas. As ever, there are some good artists/craftsmen making jewellery in very small volumes but the last time there was a revolution in jewellery design was in the early 1960s when my father, amongst others, led the modern jewellery movement out of the post-war era.

What is next for Francesca Grima?
I am a year into my new venture, the Francesca Grima brand,  and my first collection has been well-received and has drawn encouraging notices from new customers and the press.  I am currently working on new designs for my Pixel collection and a new design theme is in development and should be launched just before Christmas.

It is an honor to post about Francesca Grima jewelry today, as a jewelry industry veteran her designs are a true favorite of mine.  Francesca Grima jewelry uses 18 karat yellow, rose and black gold with precious stones and enamel.  I look forward to seeing her new designs within the Pixel collection and new theme that will be launched before Christmas.  

Visit Francesca Grima in Mayfair, London by Appointment

Visit Francesca Grima in Mayfair, London by Appointment


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