Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wrist Wednesday-Theodoros

I am so EXCITED to post about Theodoros for Wrist Wednesday this week, their jewelry is out of this world.  A couple weeks ago while browsing the internet for a fun piece of jewelry to post on National Lipstick Day I came across Theodoros on 1stDibs, offered through Selcouth Gallery.  I was blown away by their jewelry and immediately visited their Instagram account and fell further in love.  The watch above inspired this post, Theodoros took a clients' Baume and Mercier and modernized it with a butterfly jacket (by the way, the butterflies move).  I thought this was such an interesting and unique way to update an older watch and inspire the wearer.  I know if I got to look down at this watch everyday a smile would consistently be plastered on my face.  

With this being Wrist Wednesday, I focused on bracelets and watches for this post, but that is just a small offering of the incredible jewelry Theodoros makes.  I think their Instagram account definitely qualifies as a MUST FOLLOW.  



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