Monday, September 14, 2015

Everybody Loves Estate-LII

This past weekend I took some time to browse Heritage Auctions and am so excited about what I found.  They have some amazing estate pieces, below you will find some of my favorites.  Keep in mind this is just a small glimpse of what they have to offer.  Click on this link to see their entire selection, you definitely won't be disappointed.  
Citrine, Diamond, Gold Ring, Kieselstein-Cord
Black Onyx, Diamond, Gold Earrings, Marina B
Gold Necklace, Lalaounis
Diamond, Yellow Beryl, Gold Earrings, Elizabeth Gage
Diamond, Multi-Stone, Platinum, Gold Earrings, David Webb
Multi-Stone, Diamond, Gold Brooch, Valentin Magro
Diamond, Gold Bracelet, Katy Briscoe
Tourmaline, Diamond, Gold Ring, James Barker
Diamond, Gold Ring, Chaumet
Fancy Yellow Diamond, Diamond, Platinum, Gold Eternity Band
Diamond, Sapphire, Gold Necklace, Slane
Diamond, Gold Ring, Stephen Webster
Diamond Gold Jewelry Suite, Gurhan
Sapphire, Moonstone, Gold Earrings, Paula Crevoshay
Emerald, Sapphire, Diamond, Gold Ring
Sapphire, White Gold Bracelet, Paola Ferro
Tsavorite Garnet, Zircon, Gold Ring, Paula Crevoshay
Pink Tourmaline, Gold Ring, Bvlgari


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