Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Robin Koffler Jewelry

Q&A with Robin of Robin Koffler Jewelry
How did you transition into jewelry from graphic design/ illustration?
I have always had a passion for jewelry, going back to my childhood days.  My grandfather was in the costume jewelry business (one of the items he made that I remember was the "mood ring”)!  To me, jewelry design was a natural progression from graphic design  - it’s all about visual and spatial imagery, and creating clean, modern, creative images (3-D versus 2-D).  The “transition” was relatively sudden – I remember walking home from a meeting with a graphic design client several years ago, and wandering around Barney's jewelry department – I was instantly hooked - on the way back to my apartment I bought supplies and started playing with gold wire and beads.  I started making things like crazy, and the rest is history.

Where do you find inspiration?
I am always drawn to modern design, which in New York City abounds  - whether in the architecture, the food and the people – inspiration is not hard to find.

What do you enjoy most about designing and making jewelry?
First and foremost, I love working with my hands.  I'm never so happy as when I'm carving a wax model in my studio, listening to music.  I also love challenges.  Some of my best work has come from being given a commission for some new, custom creation, with a tight deadline.

How does your previous career in graphic design/ illustration come in handy as a jewelry designer?
Graphic design was great training for jewelry design.  It helped me to see things as a whole, where all elements should work together.  I do a lot of self-editing with my work, making sure that details are relevant and not just "stuck on".

What is next for Robin Koffler?
I am always expanding my collection, striving to constantly evolve.  Although there is an underlying unity of clean lines and elegant simplicity in all my work, my designs now look quite different than in years past, and will look different tomorrow than they do today.

Recently I was introduced to Robin Koffler Jewelry and I was immediately taken with her designs.  I love the unique way she sets her stones with diamonds bezel set at the end of the prongs.  Robin designs and creates each piece of jewelry by hand using primarily 18 karat gold in her New York Studio.  


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