Friday, October 30, 2015

Pamela Froman

What motivated you to pursue jewelry design?
I was majoring in fashion design at FIT in NYC and realized that the industry was not quite right for me so, I tried a few other courses: illustration, package design, interior design, window display and jewelry design. I was already making some jewelry for friends and selling the pieces at markets around NY, so it seemed like a natural transition to change my major to jewelry design. When I graduated, I moved to Paris and designed jewelry for couturier companies there for three years; it was such a great experience!

Where do you find inspiration?
I find it everywhere, in architecture, textiles, nature, in my dreams. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and I’ve dreamt of an idea. I sketch and sketch for hours and, sometimes, just staring at my own jewelry gives me more ideas. I also play with my pieces in Photoshop a lot.

Do you typically find the stones first and then come up with a design or vice versa?
I do both. Sometimes, a stone calls out to me and I just have to have it and I know exactly what I want to design with it. Other times, I sit with a stone, sometimes for years, and I keep pulling it out and looking at it, and then the design comes to me out of no where! I also have pages and pages of sketches that I look through and end up having stones custom-cut to fit my designs.

Does your design process change depending on whether you are designing fashion or bridal?
Not really, except that wedding jewelry is mostly rings. I have a few wedding pieces that are not rings but, when I am designing specifically for wedding jewelry, I concentrate on rings.

What do you enjoy most about being a jewelry designer?
I love creating something that has come from inside of me and seeing the end result, like when I see a collector get such joy from owning a piece that came from my heart, it is the most wonderful feeling. I love gemstones, to me there are no semi-precious, all are precious and it just fascinates me that nature produces such beauty. Also, the jewelry industry is really great in general, filled with really cool and supportive people.

What is next for Pamela Froman?
This year I launched an official “Wedding Collection”, I always had pieces in my line and have always sold wedding rings, but now it has been expanded into a full collection. I will continue to add to it.  Also, eventually, I would like to expand into designing home goods and furniture and maybe even have my own retail store.

It is an honor to post about Pamela Froman and her fantastic jewelry.  I love the way she mixes gold and the finish she puts on her pieces.  Her jewelry features some really intriguing stones and I love that she dares to put together unique color combinations.  Pamela Froman Fine Jewelry features 18K gold in her fine fashion and bridal designs. 

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Rio Tinto: Diamonds with a Story

Rio Tinto is the premiere source for ethically mined diamonds from their Argyle mine in Australia and Diavik mine in Canada.  Diamonds with a Story™ debuted in 2012 with the idea that every diamond has a story to tell; from the beginning it has connected, educated and inspired people with their beautiful diamonds.  

This chapter brings about a new partnership between Rio Tinto and four extremely talented and unique designers.  Each designer has a strong and individual point of view, while also being known for looking forward and using ethically acquired metals in their designs.  The designers are Jennifer Dawes, Matthew Campbell Laurenza, Sandy Leong and Suzanne Kalan.  For their partnership with Rio Tinto they have each created a collection of jewelry using a range of champagne to truffle colored diamonds that are more accessibly priced, starting at $500.  Jennifer Dawes' collection is called Leaves, Matthew Campbell Laurenza's collection is called Camelot, Sandy Leong's collection is called Rain, and Suzanne Kalan's collection is called Starry Night.  

Each collection is truly unique and showcases the diamonds in an interesting, modern and intriguing fashion.  I had the opportunity to see some of the designs in person and was blown away.  Each designer was true to their design aesthetic, but did so in a way that allowed the design and diamonds to work cohesively together.

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