Monday, October 12, 2015

Arik Kastan

Arik Kastan places rose gold at the heart of a collection of timeless modern designs inspired by the great historical eras of jewelry. While honoring the art of Victorian-era masters, Arik Kastan’s jewelry design sensibility reflects a modern vision of effortless beauty and style.  Staying true to antique craftsmanship and tradition, each piece is carefully hand made.  To this day, Arik Kastan’s workshop continues with the traditions of fine jewelry making passed from generation to generation. Arik Kastan’s jewelry is available in their unique blends of 14k rose or yellow gold and is paired with carefully selected precious and semi-precious stones.

Q&A with Creative Director of Arik Kastan, Tamar Kelman

Tamar Kelman is the Creative Director and the force behind Arik Kastan.  She discovered jewelry designer and goldsmith, Arik Kastan while she was in Tel Aviv, Israel.  She immediately sought out the designer, eventually a collaboration ensued and the brand Arik Kastan was born.  She officially launched the brand in 2008 in the U.S.  Over time, her relationship with Arik grew naturally, from collaborating on designs to tailoring the brand to a U.S. market, and running the entire business from the U.S.

What initially drew you to Arik’s jewelry?
The beautiful custom rose gold is the first thing that caught my eye.  The vintage aesthetic is undeniable and I am drawn to the artisan elements in each design.  There is a true heartbeat and soul to the jewelry.  You can feel the artisan touch throughout the collection and I love it. Each piece, whether it speaks to you or not, feels special.

What did you do prior to collaborating with Arik Kastan?
Prior to launching Arik Kastan I represented a lifestyle apparel designer, and several fashion accessories designers, all based in Israel.  I handled their business, sales and marketing in the United States.  Before that I worked in finance.

What do you love most about working in the jewelry industry?
Spreading next-level happiness (is that a thing?) through jewelry all over the world! Jewelry has a way of taking any look to the next level, and in turn making us feel better.  Jewelry speaks volumes on your style and can make you feel elegant, graceful, fierce, cool, demure, sexy, edgy … it’s whatever you want to feel.  When someone connects with one of our pieces, I feel their connection and share their excitement.

Describe the Arik Kastan woman
Confident, classy, cool.

What piece of jewelry do you never leave home without?
There are a few I never leave home without.  I never take off my bar link bracelet and never leave home without wearing my watch chain necklace with a heart padlock.  I’m always wearing a lot of rings and swap them almost daily.  Recently Arik re-designed my engagement ring so that’s always on too.

What is next for Arik Kastan?
One project I’m excited about and can share is our new Victorian Bracelets, which will be coming soon…

For many years I have been a fan of Arik Kastan, my first introduction to the collection came from my mom.  After visiting my sister in Los Angeles (six years ago) she returned home with a Signature Three-Stone Ring in rose gold with moonstones, which I immediately fell in love with.  I have loved seeing the collection grow and look forward to seeing all the new designs to come. 


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