Thursday, October 1, 2015

Jacqueline Pinto an Independent Fine Jewelry company based out of Miami, FL . Their jewelry is made by local artisans and craftsmen in Miami, FL who have been in the industry for more than 30+ years.  Every piece is handmade and casted locally.  Jacqueline personally picks out each and every stone, and ensures that every piece of jewelry crafted goes through inspection before leaving her showroom.  She only uses natural, fine quality gemstones, pearls and diamonds.   Her line consists of pieces made of mostly 18k gold.  Jacqueline Pinto jewelry is recognized by clients as unique, sophisticated with a touch of a light, whimsy feminine aesthetic....

What inspired you to pursue jewelry design? Describe how you got started in the industry.
Sometimes, the best things in life are completely unexpected. I have always been one of those that have sought to express myself through art. While simultaneously indulging myself in history the combination has driven my curiosity. As a result, one day I was invited to design a simple piece by my cousin. This opened the door for my jewelry designing career. I started off with simple pieces, and little by little the door to go into fine jewelry opened. One of my “professors” invited me into his workshop one day. Little did I know that he was a jewelry professor for the local art institute in Miami. He taught me all the principles of fine jewelry and giving me his wisdom of over 30 years + in the industry. Til this day, we are still working together to bring many of these pieces to life.

Where do you find inspiration for your line?
My inspiration comes from anything. When I design pieces for clients, one of the first questions I ask is, “show me 3 of your favorite Architectural Structures”. This gives me a good insight to the person's likes and taste. When it comes to designing pieces for my collection, I gather inspiration form Architecture and Art. I have had the blessing of traveling and seeing so many beautiful pieces of art in architecture. They are such beautiful examples of the history of the city and countries. I draw from the artist and try to understand their point of view, and that in me lights fire to create.

Are you often influenced by the vibrate and eclectic culture of Miami?
Miami is one of these cities that you just feel has so much to offer. You can’t help but be inspired. As a daughter of Cuban parents who settled here as young children, I thrive on the richness and fullness that so many cultures have brought to this city. Even before that, Miami was an avante garde city with its Art Deco history found in South Beach to its Mediterranean Revival brought by the mercies to what is now Coral Gables in the 1920’s. Now we are seeing another avante garde moment as our Wynwood/Design District area is accumulating world wide recognition. To see such moments of art can only tell me how much soul that city has. I personally believe, beautiful art can only be created by a beautiful soul, in this case, a beautiful mixture of culture.

What is your favorite part about working on a custom design for a client?
I love to work on custom designs because to me, it’s really all about them. I really take their wants and their needs then make it come to life. This can only come about by putting my own likes aside and really trying to get inside their minds to understand what they want. I take that information and then assess how I can best bring everything to life. In this whole process I grow as well. I do more research with every piece and as a result I gain so much as a designer. Each custom piece usually inspires another piece for my collection. Another aspect I love about designing a custom piece is how special this piece becomes to its owner. It is so special to have a piece of jewelry designed just for you. It is like having a piece of clothing custom made just for you, it fits you perfectly!

What is your favorite period of jewelry and cut of diamond?
It is so difficult to tell you my favorite period in jewelry, because to me they are all so interesting. However, I have to pick one in which a piece of jewelry had a specific function and significance. So, I am going to say the “Tudor Period”. I love looking at each piece and seeing how much dedication went into each piece. In addition, how each pearl, each diamond, each engraving in gold have a reasoning, an intrinsic value, and they used the best of the best. They made these pieces in a way that until this day we are learning from them so that we can grow as designers of jewelry.
As for my favorite cut of diamond, it has to be the Emerald. I love it’s elegance and the color it produces from the way the stone is cut.  It can often be paired with other shapes and it still holds its own.

What is next for Jacqueline Pinto?
 Whats’s next for me, there are so many things I would like to do. What a dream for me to someday have countless brides automatically thinking of my brand for when they are getting married. For my name to be synonymous with quality, care, and detail. For me it’s about growing, but growing in a way that I never lose sight of who I am designing for and remembering that quality and customer service is what builds strong business. As for my creativity, that is a gift that has no limit. I have a great thirst for art, history, and travel and this just opens the door for endless positivities. My art drives me with the help of god, I know that this will have a great impact on what I do. Also, I am a mother and wife, for me it is so important to show my children to chase their dreams and make them reality. It is important because I am a living example to them. They are my inspiration and this gives me the drive. I have to follow my jewelry passion and to extend what I have inside of me to so many.

"I have often found myself mesmerised by the power of the past.  Although it does not have to dictate who we will become, we can surely learn from it.  I have always loved the pieces of jewellry that were handed down to me by my grandmother and now I have invested myself to make these pieces for other people.  I want my clients to know the great care, quality and love that goes into each and every piece that comes out of our studio. Our custom pieces warrant face to face meetings.  Please be sure to contact us for these pieces. Let's build pieces today, for tomorrow." - Jacqueline Pinto


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