Monday, October 26, 2015

Ricardo Basta Fine Jewelry

Zebra Pin

There are some experiences in life that you feel you will never forget, my trip to Ricardo Basta Fine Jewelry is definitely one of those experiences.  Upon arriving at the store I was welcomed by Karen Basta and Sarah, the Marketing Manager for Ricardo Basta Fine Jewelry.  Immediately I was drawn to the absolutely stunning jewelry that twinkled from the cases.  The craftsmanship and attention to detail of their jewelry is second to none.  You can easily see the quality and time taken throughout the design and manufacturing process of each spectacular piece of jewelry.  The back of each creation is beautifully finished and equally as stunning as the front.

It was an absolute pleasure having the opportunity to meet and chat with Ricardo, I loved hearing the stories behind some of his most prized pieces.  As a third generation jeweler with over 35 years experience, his knowledge and understanding of jewelry design, restoration and manufacturing is incredible.  The amount of thought he puts into the construction and materials of his pieces allows him to design and make the most magical and wearable treasures for his clients.  His desire to challenge himself in the world of construction is so inspiring and allows his designs to be truly innovative.  

The seahorse pictured below can be worn as a pendant or brooch and removed from the coral branch for a more subtle look.  I love this piece; the necklace the seahorse is wearing acts as a clasp connecting the seahorse to the branch.  The store offers a vast collection of jewelry, including bridal, fine fashion and estate.  They also offer custom services and restoration, working with their clients one-on-one to create their dream piece or bring an antique piece back to life.  Their bridal designs feature some very unique diamond cuts, which isn't something you see very often.  They had some amazing pieces with french cuts, carre cuts, rose cuts, square step cuts and antique cushion cuts.  I would strongly suggest anyone who is in the Los Angeles area to visit Ricardo Basta Fine Jewelry, they truly can make any piece you dream of come to life. 

Ricardo Basta Fine Jewelry
10307 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Dragon Pin
Seahorse Pin & Pendant
Carved Jadeite Necklace


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