Monday, October 19, 2015

Suzanne Kalan

Q&A with Designer, Suzanne Kalan
What inspired you to pursue jewelry design?
My family has been in the jewelry industry for a while. My father owned a jewelry store, and my husband is a diamond setter. I’ve always had an interest in jewelry, but I used to only design jewelry for my family.

One day I was standing in a building waiting for the elevator when the owner of the jewelry store in the lobby approached me. He asked me where I had gotten the jewelry I was wearing, and it just so happened I was wearing my own designs. He placed an order right then and there. That was the moment I realized that I needed to pursue my interest in fine jewelry.

What changes have you seen in the industry over the last 25 years?
I feel as though there are a lot more designers out there now and it is a lot more fast paced. We went from jewelers and big names to a lot of designers who are each making their own mark, respectively. Keeping up is much more difficult than it used to be but it also makes it more fun.

Describe your design process.
It all starts with thinking about a design which usually happens in the middle of the night. I think about what pieces I’d like to wear or what I feel is missing from my line. Once I figure out exactly how I want it to look I then sit with our CAD drawer. He translates my idea to a computer screen. From there, we print the wax in our machines and cast the piece. Sometimes I will change it around after making the piece, but usually it turns out exactly how I imagined it.

Where do you find inspiration?
My biggest inspiration is in thinking about what I would like to wear or what I feel like I'm missing from my personal collection.

What do you enjoy most about being a jewelry designer?
Creating something new and innovative every day is what I find most enjoyable. However, seeing someone wear my design is the most rewarding.

What is next for Suzanne Kalan?
Trying to come up with new designs to top what we’ve already done. I'm very proud of the work I have done with my Fireworks Baguette Collection and am extremely appreciative of the recognition I have received. Now I just have to think of something even better! Stay tuned!!

For a very long time I have been a fan of Suzanne Kalan and her outstanding jewelry.  The innovative use of baguettes in her designs is unique and unlike any other.  With over 25 years in the industry, Suzanne has achieved great success.  I am in love with the 18K and diamond baguette cuff bracelets and choker, I could see myself wearing those pieces everyday.  
Suzanne with her daughter, Patile. 
Patile designs KALAN by Suzanne Kalan, a collection with a modern twist set in 14K gold. 


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