Monday, November 30, 2015

LAELIUS Antiques

Victorian Turquoise and Pearl Fringe Earrings
LAELIUS Antiques specializes in antique jewelry from the 18th and 19th centuries. They also offer select vintage pieces from the 1920's and 1930's. The LAELIUS collection includes the most unique finds in antique jewelry. Each piece is individually chosen with great care and discernment. They pride themselves in extensive knowledge of the history of antique jewelry as well as an exquisite taste that can only be developed over decades in the high fashion and contemporary art industries. LAELIUS Antiques travels far and wide to unearth unique and beautiful pieces that speak to modern style. Their passion for antique jewelry stems from their appreciation of its sentimentality, unmatched craftsmanship and distinct styles that can only be found in such pieces. Established in 2014 in New York City, the LAELIUS collection is now available online.

 I can't think of a better way to start off the week than by featuring LAELIUS Antiques.  I came across LAELIUS Antiques on Instagram, which led me to their website.  Immediately I was drawn to the pair of Victorian Turquoise and Pearl Fringe Earrings (shown above); they are absolutely stunning and in excellent condition. It is obvious the care and consideration taken when choosing pieces for the collection, each piece is exceptional and would be a great addition to any jewelry box.   LAELIUS Antiques has an incredible selection of jewelry, many of which are on my wishlist.  

Victorian Etruscan Revival Amphora Collar 
‘A’Intaglio Ring
Amethyst and Enamel Mourning Ring
Amethyst and Enamel Mourning Ring
Amethyst Gold Rings 
Victorian Aries Gold Bangle
Victorian Darling Ring
Georgian Diamond Ring
Georgian Diamond Ring
Georgian Foil-Backed Aquamarine Earrings 
Various Gold Rings 
Arrow Paste Brooch 
Berlin Iron Bracelet 
Cut Steel Brooches
Victorian Onyx and Diamond Locket
French Paste Cross Pendant
Victorian Cut Steel Earrings with Snowflake Motif  
Georgian Paste Cross Pendant
Victorian Flexible Serpent Necklace
Georgian Cut Steel Earrings
Victorian Turquoise and Pearl Bangle
Victorian Turquoise and Pearl Bangle 
Victorian Turquoise and Pearl Bangle
Victorian Turquoise and Pearl Fringe Earrings
Georgian Cut Steel Earrings with Crescent Motif
Clear Paste Necklaces
Georgian Paste and Opaline Earrings
Victorian Pearl and Enamel Locket Bracelet
Diamond and Enameled Navette Ring 
Victorian Etruscan Revival Amphora Collar
Late Victorian Claw Buckle Gold Bangle
Victorian Hand-Shaped Clasp Bracelet
Emerald Paste Necklace
Stuart Crystal Ring
Stuart Crystal Set
Victorian Turquoise and Snake Ring 
Georgian Sentimental Turquoise Locket Ring
Turquoise Sterling Disc Earrings 
Victorian Aesthetic Sterling Collar Set

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