Tuesday, December 15, 2015

David Michael

With great pleasure I am posting about David Michael, a creative team that was forged at birth.  Twins, Michael and David create some of the most breathtaking jewelry I have ever seen.  Their pieces are works of art and truly capture the beauty of the stones they use.  As children they grew up in Europe and watched their father work at the bench.  Each and every part of their pieces are created in their studio; from the watercolor renderings to microscopic stone settings.  You can find their lovely jewels at J Farren Price in Sydney, Australia.  It would truly be an honor to own a piece by David Michael, their dedication to making exquisite jewelry is like none other. 

Q&A with Michael of David Michael
When did you both realize that jewelry was the medium of art you wanted to pursue?
We both grew up in our Dad's jewellery workshop, I don't remember anytime before jewellery was in my life. My brother and I would play in the workshop before and after kindergarten, I enjoyed that time and making things so much I never had the thought to do anything different.

Describe your design process; do you start with stones or an idea first?
Every day I have ideas for pieces I'd like to one day make, as I'm sure my brother does also, so I guess the idea is first, but then I'll come across a gem that reminds me of one of the past ideas I've had which really starts the creative process.

What do you love most about designing and creating wearable works of art?
I love that the possibilities are limitless, all the possible colour combinations and forms, every piece we make is unique so there are always new challenges.  I love that we take a raw lump of dull metal and some stones and turn them into something really meaningful.  I also really love the history of our craft and that we are hand making things using basically a few simple hand tools just as it has been done for hundreds of years and I love that the pieces we make will live on for hundreds of years if not longer if they are looked after well.

Describe the dynamic of brothers working together.
Because our work demands such focus on a tiny area during a regular day there really isn't that much interaction with each other or the outside world, we get on well though, we're identical twins and have learned how to share a space growing up together so we really don't have any problems.

What is your favorite gemstone?  Diamond cut?
I really can't say that I have a favorite. Regardless of what it is ,if a stone exudes personality, beauty, and does so with quality then it is to be coveted.  With Diamond cuts I find I am drawn to old cuts, even single cuts or in modern cuts I'm attracted to beautiful cushions where the faceting is a little chunky. Nice crisp facets that behave in a more mirror like fashion than some of the very busy and confused looking cuts on the market today.

Once you have started working on a new piece do you focus primarily on that piece until completion?
Yes, we work on one piece at a time. Because we do everything ourselves in house there is no downtime while a piece is out at a sub contractor. Because we don't have to wait on anyone we can just focus on one Jewel at a time.  Everything from the initial design drawing, throughout the hand forging and gem setting and even the finished photography is done by either my brother or myself.

Do you each have a favorite piece that was tough to let go of once finished?
 Every piece is a little hard to let go, when you spend hundreds of hours bringing an idea to life and spend so long focusing on getting every detail just as you want the piece becomes very precious.  It helps that we have great clients that love our creations just as much as we do. That makes letting go a little easier.


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