Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Garland Row

Garland Row is an independent jewellery label with a luxurious little boutique in Sydney's, Paddington. Each jewel is made by hand from the open workshop on site.  Sarah Gardner is the designer and principle jeweller at Garland Row, she was traditionally trained by two master jeweller's and has been making bespoke jewels for 20 years. 

What inspired you to pursue jewelry? 
Since I was a little girl I have had a fascination with jewellery and adornment. I'm really sentimental and have always loved that jewellery expresses and symbolises significant moments in our lives. I was always making things and started experimenting with jewellery when I was 10 and it progressed from there.

What do you enjoy most about working at the bench and designing jewelry? 
I love every aspect apart from polishing!! I'm really grateful that I get to make things all day, it really doesn't feel like working!

Where do you find inspiration? 
Everywhere! I am hugely inspired by the natural beauty of gemstones. I also love looking through antique jewellery catalogues and have always referenced motifs from various periods of architecture. Travelling is the best form of inspiration hands down and I am constantly referring to photos from past travels. My medieval cross earrings were inspired by a window in a church in Paris!

Describe your design process.  
It usually starts around a particular gem. If i'm designing a collection, compared to a one off piece, I will have some colour variations of gems and play around with them until I've got lots of ideas flowing. I'll then sketch some designs and usually start making a few mock up trial versions in silver first. There's always a few alterations along the way!

What is next for Garland Row? 
The beauty of a creative business is there is always movement, change and growth. I'm really excited to be growing the wholesale side of the business. So 2016 will be about making some connections with retailers that Garland Row might be a good fit with. We're also looking forward to launching our children and baby range in the New Year.

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Here is a small glimpse at what Garland Row has to offer, visit their website to see all of their fantastic designs and learn about their bespoke and repair services.


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