Thursday, December 10, 2015


Q&A with Stas, designer of OPENJART

Where do you find inspiration?
I do not look for inspiration.  And it does not look for me. We run into each other sometimes and then a scandal ensues:
-       Who are you?
-       I am your inspiration! Where have you been? I’ve been looking for you!
-       Where have YOU been when I needed you? Wrong time now, go have a walk!
-       Calm down, sketch this idea…
-       Ok, will do, might need it later… Be around in case I need you again

Describe your design process. 
I do not have a process. When I have a certain task, I get into my deep armchair, pour myself some vodka and think: sometimes quietly to myself, sometimes out loud – then I need opponents, who would have a drink with me... Sometimes ideas just come to me, might be anywhere – even in the bathroom. For that I have a little notebook, I do not take it with me to the loo though, but it’s always nearby.

What inspired you to pursue jewelry design?
The opportunity to implement an idea quickly. A ring or an earring is not like a building or an automobile. In the first case, it’s easy to grasp how to build something, but it takes a long time to actually do it. With the automobile, besides the time, there is an insane number of manufacturing processes to take into consideration. With jewellery the journey from an idea to the actual object is not exactly short, but not painstakingly long either.

How does your experience as a graphic and product designer influence your work?
It is not even the trade itself that helps, but its philosophy: an idea should be worth implementing due to its clarity, beauty and effectiveness – you should want to share it. My extensive experience in advertising certainly helps – there the message is the king, its realization is secondary.

How would you describe the OPENJART woman?
Why just a woman? OPENJART is for men as well. It is all about people who are ok to part with some amount of money for a witty thought, not just an ounce of gold and 100 carats of diamonds (these too, but - later). OPENJART fans are self-ironic and self-sufficient to the extent that they can appreciate somebody else being ironic even toward them. They enjoy life and earn a lot, but not for the purpose of accumulating stuff, rather for getting long-lasting positive emotions.

What is next for OPENJART?
That depends on what I find in my little notebook.

It is a pleasure to post about OPENJART today.  I came across their jewelry on Facebook and knew I needed to learn more about the company.  OPENJART is an international jewelry brand founded in 2007.  They create divine, offbeat pieces influenced by Russian design, uncommon jewelry forms and finished by Thai craftsmen.  The company came to life when two businesses joined forces; OPEN!Design&Concepts, an industrial and graphic design firm and JART, a jewelry manufacturer.  Below is a look at some of my favorite pieces by OPENJART; to see all of their designs visit their website.  OPENJART offers a range of materials that include: black sterling silver, gold-plated sterling silver, sterling silver, white gold and gold.  


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