Friday, January 29, 2016

Rahaminov Diamonds

When walking a jewelry show, you get the chance to see some spectacular jewelry.  One booth that I can never walk by without drooling is Rahaminov Diamonds.  Their jewelry is absolutely spectacular with the most magnificent stones that are enhanced by brilliant construction and design.  When you pick up a piece by Rahaminov you can see and feel the thought and skill that went into the design and fabrication.  

Rahaminov Diamonds started when Moshe Rahaminov and his brother, who both had a natural talent for cutting diamonds, moved to Valenza Po, Italy hoping to use their skills within the Italian Jewelry Industry.   The brothers quickly received recognition for their talent of the finest cut stones and exceptional customer service.  

In 1989 Moshe Rahaminov's daughter, Tamara, a Graduate Gemologist that was raised learning the family business, opened a Los Angeles office of Rahaminov Diamonds with her husband, Amir.  Tamara and Amir met while attending the Gemological Institute of America and each brought unique skills to the business.  Amir's relationships with clients and Tamara's designs helped bring Rahaminov Diamonds to another level.   With Tamara's designs the company has evolved into being known for their chic and highly collectable jewelry as well as their loose stones

Tamara's designs are executed in platinum or 18 karat gold with white, fancy and rough diamonds.  You will often see unique shapes and cuts showcased in designs that highlight the beauty of the diamond; each one-of-a-kind piece is designed around the stones.  Tamara brings an understanding of what today's woman is looking for and what she wants to wear.  


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