Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wrist Wednesday: Apple Watch

Apple Watch paired with Katherine & Josephine Bracelets
I have joined the revolution... I got an Apple Watch this Christmas and I love it.  Since birth, well not birth, but a young age, I have loved watches.  Every year I asked for a new watch for school photos, see below.  This brings me to the invention I came up with when I was in seventh grade called the Teacher Talk and Secretary Talk; essentially it was a smart watch that offered features such as a planner, notebook, phone, email, internet, games, tutorials in different subjects and a dictionary.  I like to think I was way ahead of my time and even sent a letter to the Motorola President trying to sell him on my invention (without actually telling him what it was).  Unfortunately I never heard back, but I am not all that surprised due to the terms I demanded in my letter.  Had I heard back I wonder if my life would look any different at this point...

Now that I have told the story of the Teacher and Secretary Talk Watches we can get onto the Apple Watch.  I got the 38mm, Gold Aluminum Case with Sport Band and an additional leather band.  I love the size of the watch and it does way more then I initially thought.  The only thing I find difficult is not checking it every time I feel it vibrate (when it would be rude to check your watch/phone).  I love that I can use it to control our Apple TV, view pictures, read emails, read + send text messages and it tells you when to stand up if you are like me and spend way too much time on the computer.  I have noticed that the gold can appear rosy at times, but as I wear a mix of yellow, white and rose I don't mind.  For those of you who love gadgets and staying connected I would definitely suggest considering the Apple Watch.  

Apple Watch paired with Katherine & Josephine Bracelets


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