Thursday, February 18, 2016

Arya Esha

Q&A with Priyanka Murthy, Head Designer & Founder of Arya Esha
What inspired you to leave the field of law and pursue a career in jewelry design?  
I’m a total law nerd; I love the law.  But I found that the practice of law did not fulfill the creative side I always had.  And the older I got, the more my creative side wanted to be freed. I’ve designed jewelry as a hobby for years. Two years ago I realized that I could make a living, even build a business from designing jewelry, so I took the plunge.

Describe your design process.  Where do you find inspiration? 
As a former lawyer, I’m inspired by theories I’ve learned over the years and I remember where I was when the idea or concept came to me, and what my surrounding looked like.  So, the sketch of a piece of jewelry is my recollection of the idea meeting the surroundings. I start with three or four anchor designs, and then design the rest of the collection around those anchors.  My pieces are handmade by artisans in India.  The best jewelry artisans in India come from the same region of India as I, Bengal.  I go to India for the production, and I speak to them in my mother tongue Bengali.  They are amazing, and I enjoy working with them.

How does your past legal career benefit you as a business owner?
There is certainly a benefit to having a legal background.  There are practical benefits like being able to negotiate, draft, and comprehend contracts, file for trademark, etc.  I’ve saved money handling my own legal work.  Also, my legal education taught me to analyze issues and concepts deeply and quickly.  I find myself applying this skill to my business – I frequently assess my successes and challenges and use the analysis to make business decisions.

What do you enjoy most about designing jewelry and running your own business? 
I have found that as a business owner working for myself I work more hours than I did as a lawyer working for someone else, but I don’t feel “overworked.”  I guess it is because it is my own business, and I can be flexible about when, where, and how I work.   That’s the best part about running my own business.  As far as designing jewelry, the best part is knowing that my work has a built in “happiness component.” Jewelry makes people happy, and I love designing something that facilitates happy moments.  Just the other day I heard from a husband who presented his wife with one of my pieces.  He described how she cried tears of joy when he gave her the piece!  It’s a great feeling.

Who is the Arya Esha woman? 
Arya Esha pieces are inspired by and reflect the woman they are designed for – she, like the pieces, is sophisticated and classy with a dash of rebellion.

What is next for Arya Esha?
So far Arya Esha has been all about gemstone jewelry, which we’ll continue to design and craft.  But the exciting news is that we are developing a diamond and gold line with the similar aesthetic to the gemstone pieces in our Galaxy Collection.  So expect to see earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets with delicate strands of diamond-studded “orbits,” “waves,” “cages, ”or “domes” wrapped around gold geometric shapes.

I was recently introduced to Arya Esha and was very intrigued by the amazing use of color and powerful designs featured in the collection.  I love how Arya Esha employs unique and interesting setting styles, creating functional beauty.  The designs are bold and glamorous,  demanding a second look.  Arya Esha uses recycled precious metals, ethically sourced gemstones and conflict & devastation free diamonds.  With a growing celebrity following and features in national fashion, lifestyle and jewelry publications, Arya Esha has had great accomplishments. 


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