Tuesday, April 19, 2016

NOVA Collection by Gabriel & Co.

Upon viewing the NOVA collection by Gabriel & Co. for the first time I was immediately taken with the unique designs.  The rings have a strong personality with beautiful curves.  The collection was designed  "for couples that wish to reaffirm their vows and restate their devotion, yet do so without discarding the ring that first set their lifelong bond in motion."  The designs incorporate motion and showcase the center diamond in ways not often seen.  

Lately I have been very intrigued with marquise diamonds, I love the mounting below that features a marquise set E/W with a split shank.  I have yet to see something like this and it works well as an engagement ring, but also as a wedding band.  A little further down in the post is an emerald cut with a chain motif shank and two rose gold bands that is absolutely stunning.  The simple high polished rose gold bands add a beautiful pop of color, but don't take too much attention away from the center.   This post offers a small glimpse of the collection; follow the link below to see more. 


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